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Children's books

Book coverA revolta da natureza em brimsa 

Vanda's second book deals with key concepts, natural capital and ecosystem services. The characters are school friends who are caught up in a growing web of unprecedented and frightening phenomena. It all starts with a strange message "I trade time and assets for the well-being of the town and the environment". Can Nature be bought? at what price? And how is it paid for? The story mixes fantasy with concern for our planet, where climate change is certainly a reality. It introduces the concepts of ecosystem services and natural capital and makes the reader think about the difference between science and pseudoscience, and the need to distinguish between observations and fake news.
Portuguese version (pdf)

Book coverA menina que via o mar de várias cores

A children's book about a girl who could see the sea with different colours by Vanda Brotas.
Portuguese version (in print)
Front cover of book with a girl and a sea bird with a colourful coastal landscape

The girl who could see different colours in the sea

English version 
(download, PDF, 6MB)



Ocean colour video

Watch Vanda Brotas, PORTWIMS Project Coordinator, speaking at the Climate from Space Conference about the ESA Ocean Colour Climate Change Initiative (OC-CCI) project and the importance of measuring ocean colour and its role as an essential climate variable.


PORTWIMS brochure

A new brochure has been created for the project to help raise awareness of its aims and objectives to external groups and colleagues. The brochure can be downloaded here or copies can be requested from the Plymouth Marine Laboratory communication team by emailing

The brochure includes a new graphic to demonstrate the focus of the project.


Training materials from the Earth Observation and Artificial Intelligence summer school, 11-15 July 2022

The training course included:
  • Introduction to Earth Observation
  • Hyperspectral Sensors and Data
  • Drone Earth Observation
  • Artificial Intelligence for EO
  • EO project day
Background material and links to the presentations from the event are available from the summer school website


Training materials from the Ecosystems Services workshop, January 2020


Training materials from the marine phytoplankton diversity summer school, 2019

PORTWIMS Newsletter

Download past issues of the PORTWIMS Newsletter.

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PORTWIMS Publications


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